Query Analyzer

The Query Analyzer (query editor) is used to edit SQL scripts. Caché Monitor can work with multiple editors open at the same time, execute scripts and process the results.


Some features in short:


  • Handles multiple open connections
  • Asynchronous database communication
  • Support for parameterized SQL scripts
  • Code completion (Intelli Sense)
  • SQL Code folding
  • Execute Scripts with single or multiple SQL statement
  • Execute SQL statement at cursor position
  • Execute selected SQL statement(s)

Here is a video that shows some features in action. Please see “Using the editor”


Open File Dialog with preview Feature
The File-Open-Dialog shows now a preview of the selected file with Syntax highlighting. This feature allows a much easier navigation to the right file:open file dialog with preview

Query Analyzer – Search\Replace and Goto Line Dialog CTRL-F; CTRL+H and CTRL+L opens the expected dialogs