How to Videos of Caché Monitor

How to: register server

How to: using the editor

How to: register server from local known Caché servers

How to: working with script manager

How to: Write sql queries across databases

Show how Caché Monitor helps to query and bring together tables from different sources. Writing sql query across namespaces; databases and jdbc sources like MS SQL Server is very easy with Caché Monitor. All this is done without any installation\configuration on Server Side!

How to: Working with CSV files like database tables

Join (Merge, Combine) multiple CSV Files via SQL. Analyse and Filter your csv files like any onther database table.

How to: Connect to MySQL on Amazon Web Service

This video shows how to Connect to a MySQL database on Amazon Web Service with Caché Monitor. You see how to identify and config the JDBC connection string to connect.

How to: query data from three servers in one SQL

This video shows how to query data from a MS SQL Server and two InterSystems Caché Servers in ONE sql statement. The example statement JOINs five tables: three tables from the Adventure Works database and one table on each Caché Server. This is done via Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server feature.