Caché Monitor is now SQL Data Lens!

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Caché Monitor is now SQL Data Lens!

Dear Cache Monitor users. InterSystems Caché became Intersystems IRIS, so we need also a change! Caché Monitor became SQL Data Lens! Current and upcoming versions of our tool SQL Data Lens (a.k.a Caché Monitor) can be found here: Licensed Caché Monitor users can use their existing license for SQL Data Lens. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The idea

Users who are familiar with InterSystems technologies should right from the start feel at home through the use of InterSystems specific terms. The interface concept is inspired by the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, so users with a Microsoft SQL Server background are also easy to find their way around

Easy to Use

Intersystems Caché driver files are included in many versions. Just connect!


Caché Monitor is available for Windows, Mac and Linux

Blazing fast

Use as many connections as you need at the same time to do your job as fast as you can. Open multiple editors to different databases and/or namespaces

Now with IRIS support

Since version 2.93 Caché Monitor support native connections to InterSystems IRIS!


SQL Editor

The build-in SQL query tool is a sophisticated editor with many powerful editing features for editing and writing complex SQL queries: see table columns, primary and foreign keys while typing. Write complex scripts with variables and perform the same statements again and again without changing

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Server Navigator

The central Server Navigator in Caché Monitor allows to browse connections to InterSystems Caché \ IRIS and to many other databases as well. Organize all this connections into groups and sub groups in any way you like to fit your business needs

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Cross database queries

With the feature called Query Cloud you can write SQL Statements across multiple Caché Servers, Namespace and combine (SQL JOIN!) this data with other datasources like Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft Access or simple CSV files. All this with zero installation on server side!

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