Download Caché Monitor for Intersystems Caché, MS SQL Server, MS Access and more

Caché Monitor Pro

Download Caché Monitor the universal database tool with special features for InterSystems Caché. Use the Home Edition for free or evaluate the unlimited Professional Edition. No risk. No obligation. No registration. 30-day FREE Trial.

Download one install package for all editions: The Developer and Professional features are activated after installing a license key or you start a free trial and use immediately the Professional features without any registration.

If you like Caché Monitor read more details about purchase a Developer or Professional edition license.

Current release is Caché Monitor 2.92 (What is new in this release?)
New Highlights from this and the last release:

Server Navigator: Selection concept has changed to improve user experince and get more control at what time information are fetched from server and detail data are shown. Important: please consider that you have now select detail data via double clicking or selection “open” via context menu.

  • Execute to file: This feature works with limited memory because it is designed to directly write the rows from the database to the export file without buffering in memory.
  • Calculate size for all\selected tables
  • more details


Windows version (Java 8 runtime required)

Download Cache Monitor (setup)

Download Cache Monitor (zip archive)


Generic Java version – Platform independent (Java 8 runtime required)

Download Cache Monitor (zip archive)

Use this link for download the daily (beta) build with brandnew features!

We recommend using the latest release of Java 8 to run Caché Monitor.

Caché Monitor have no support for Java 9 and later cause of some very fundamental code breaking changes in this java runtime versions.