Download Caché Monitor for Intersystems Caché, Intersystems IRIS, MS SQL Server, MS Access and more

Caché Monitor Pro

Download Caché Monitor the universal database tool with special features for InterSystems Caché and InterSystems IRIS. Use the Home Edition for free or evaluate the unlimited Professional Edition. No risk. No obligation. No registration. 30-day FREE Trial!

Download one package for all editions: The Professional features are activated after installing a license key or by starting a free trial. Use immediately the Professional features without any registration.

If you love Caché Monitor and you need license, read here more details about purchasing the Professional edition license.

Current release is Caché Monitor 2.96 (What is new in this release?)
No no separate runtime installation required! All dependencies are integrated

Download now the latest Caché Monitor release

For Windows

Download Cache Monitor (setup)

Download Cache Monitor (zip archive)

To run the latest Caché Monitor releases a valid license key for the professional edition is required! The purchase date have to be after 31 December 2016. Older license keys can still be used to run version 2.92

Download the Caché Monitor 2.92. This release is for older license keys that are purchased before 01 January 2017

For Windows (Java 8 runtime required)

Download Cache Monitor 2.92 (setup)

Download Cache Monitor 2.92 (zip archive)

Platform independent (Java 8 runtime required)

Download Cache Monitor 2.92 (zip archive)