Database Viewer provide information about the databases on Caché Server

Database Viewer provide information about the databases on the selected Caché Server   This Viewer is a node type in Server Navigator as a child node from the Management node. Listed are information’s about the Database name, the Location of the CACHE.DAT file and Size of the database in megabytes

Browsing classes with Class Navigator

Allows browsing classes and simplifies copy classes between servers with some clicks. To copy a class to another namespace on the same server or on another server just select the class and choose Copy via context menu. After that, select the destination server and namespace. Done!   Copy classes between […]

Show the cache.cpf file on selected Caché Server

Caché Monitor shows the active cache.cpf file via tools menu for the selected Server. What is a CPF-File? When Caché starts, it reads configuration values from the text file cache.cpf, the  Caché parameter file, also called the CPF file. This file is a record of a particular Caché configuration.


Scripts Manager

The build in Script Manager allows to organize and use large script libs. Working with many (sql) scripts is very easy with Caché Monitors Script manager. The Script Manager includes options such as opening-, renaming-, copying, moving- and deleting files. But also organize files with new folders. For quick navigation a fast […]

Data Inspector is a powerful data viewer

The Data Inspector is a powerful data viewer within Caché Monitor and can handle data in different formats like text, html, XML, Binary and Images.The image format can in BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG image   By double click on any table cell, the content from this cell is displayed […]


Import Server from Caché Server Manager’s connection list

With this feature you can very straightforward create a Server registration for Caché Server in the Caché Monitor connection list. All information that Caché Monitor require to connecting to a Caché database are automatically imported, including port, driver version and so on… just enter the password.   The connection list […]


Combine tables across namespaces in a SQL Query – Part 2

The function in Caché Monitor is called “Create mapped table”. Create a new Namespace with a databaseTo try this feature it is recommended to create a new empty Namespace (and database for this namespace), e.g. called “CM_FEDERATED” as the federated namespace. All tables you want to JOIN in a query must […]


Table Browser

Easy editing, easy filtering simplify the work with your data With the table browser the data can be edited via grid. Data filtering is easily right from the context menu. Many information’s from the selected table are prepared to analyze. Max Rows and Max Chars can be configured. Max Rows limit the […]


Execute parameterized SQL scripts

Caché Monitor can execute parameterized SQL queries. This will help writing complex scripts with variables, the variables let Caché Monitor prompt you for the values when the SQL is executed. This is handy if you perform the same statements again and again and just wanting to pass new data in. […]


Global Browser

The global browser shows globals within Caché Monitor. The user can easily navigate through nodes.