JDBC Driver versions for InterSystems Caché

The InterSystems Caché JDBC driver are an type 4 JDBC driver. Here are some information about the different JDBC driver versions that ships with the InterSystems Caché database.

First some basic information about the Caché JDBC URL:

Driver Class = com.intersys.jdbc.CacheDriver

The URL syntax is


The URL specifies the machine address, port number, and namespace to be accessed.
machine IP address or host name. For example, both localhost and indicate the local machine.
port TCP/IP port number for the connection. For example, 56772 is the standard Caché superserver port.
namespace Namespace to connect to. For example, Samples is the namespace containing Caché sample programs.

For example


Caché driver versions

JDBC Driver VersionJDK VersionSize of CacheDB.jar fileCaché VersionDetails
5.0.5902.0977kb5.0.16JDBC preparser: allow extrinsic functions
This change corrects a regression in functionality that prevented the JDBC parser from recognizing intrinsic functions. It now allows the first character of an identifier to be ‘$’, and accepts ‘$’ and ‘^’ as possible values for subsequent characters 3.0 Support

Cache 5.1 supports JDK 1.4 and JDBC 3.0. All required features and most optional features are supported. from 5.2 field test
2007.1.0.2541.51.940kb2007.1.0.254Driver from 2007.1 Field Test 1
2007.1.0.2541.51.947kb2007.1.0.267Driver from 2007.1 Field Test 2If you try to connect with this driver to a Caché Database with a version smaller 5.0.13, you get a SQLExeption like this: Protocol mismatch; only protocols >= 39 supportedYou have to use a older driver for Caché < 5.0.13!
2007.1.0.3061.41.915kb2007.1.0.306Driver from 2007.1 Release Candidate (RC1)
2007.1.0.3061.51.952kb2007.1.0.306Driver from 2007.1 Release Candidate (RC1)
2007.1.0.3481.915kb2007.1.0.348Driver from 2007.1 RC2
2008.1.0.1711.41.842kb[Fri 06/01/2007 0:01:54.22]
2008.1.0.1711.51.867kb[Fri 06/01/2007 0:01:54.22]
2008.1.0.1711.61.937kb[Fri 06/01/2007 0:01:54.22]
2012.2.0.6381.6\1.72.018kb cachedb.jar298kb cachejdbc.jar2012.2.0.638

If you have more information or found a mistake in the JDBC table, please mail to: andreas.