Caché Globals

Caché’s multidimensional arrays are called globals. Data can be stored in a global with any number of subscripts. What’s more, subscripts are typeless and can hold any sort of data. One subscript might be an integer, such as 34, while another could be a meaningful name, like “LineItems” – even […]


Bitmap Index

Bitmap indexes consist of a bitmap (bit vector) for each distinct column value. Each bitmap has one bit for every row in the table. The bit is on if the related row has the value represented by the bitmap. The advantage of bit map indexes is that complex queries can […]


JDBC Driver versions for InterSystems Caché

The InterSystems Caché JDBC driver are an type 4 JDBC driver. Here are some information about the different JDBC driver versions that ships with the InterSystems Caché database. First some basic information about the Caché JDBC URL: Driver Class = com.intersys.jdbc.CacheDriver The URL syntax is jdbc:Cache://machine:port/namespace The URL specifies the machine address, port […]