Caché Locktable Viewer

To display or delete locks, click on the Lock Table in the Server Navigator.

Now you can see details information about Caché lock table, this is Caché internal table where all LOCK commands issued by processes are stored.

Lock Modes
Mode Description
Exclusive Exclusive lock mode.
Shared Share lock mode.
LockZA ZALLOCATE lock mode.
WaitExclusive Waiting for exclusive lock mode.*
WaitShared Waiting for share lock mode.*
WaitLockZA Waiting for ZALLOCATE lock mode.*
LockPending Exclusive lock pending, waiting for server to grant the exclusive lock.
SharePending Share lock pending, waiting for server to grant the share lock.
DelockPending Delock pending, waiting for server to release the lock.
Lost Lock lost due to network reset.
* The Wait modes are followed by one of the following: Exact, Parent, or Child; for example, WaitShared Exact.