Get Intersystems Caché ODBC settings to use with Caché Monitor (JDBC)

The next screenshot shows the settings from the InterSystems Caché ODBC Settings dialog. The numbers in the screenshots mark the same information from this dialog:


to the Connection Properties dialog in Caché Monitor:



  1. Host \ IP Address
    Specifies the IP address in dotted decimal such as “” or just the server name

  2. Host Port Number
    Specifies the port for connecting to the DSN. The default for Caché is 1972.

  3. User Name
    Specifies the username for logging into the DSN. By default, this is “_SYSTEM” and is not case sensitive.

  4. Password
    Specifies the password for the account specified by the UID entry. For the SYSTEM username, the password is “SYS” and is case sensitive.

  5. Caché Namespace
    Specifies the namespace for the DSN. For Caché Monitor this information is not required cause Caché Monitor shows all Namespaces from Server for easy navigation. A User Name with the enough rights to query this information from SYS database is required. If the selected User hasen’t the required rights, on the Details tab a namespace can be selected (entered).