Specialized for Caché

Software developers who are familiar with InterSystems technologies should easily find their way through the use of InterSystems specific terms. The Server Navigator is the main tool and allows to browse and organize InterSystems Caché servers into groups, It shows database objects and structures such as tables, views, classes, indexes, constraints, procedures, […]

Query tables across namespaces

Caché Monitor helps by query tables in different namespaces. With the features mapped tables and federated namespace Caché Monitor support the request of writing SQL query across namespaces with the idea of a federated namespace. I got quite some people asking for an option to query some tables from different namespaces on a sql […]

Working with Caché Namspaces

Within Caché Monitors Server Navigator you see all available Namespaces on your Caché Servers. No need to know the name of the Namespace, no need to configure many many JDBC Connections by hand. Just click on the namespace and see all objects like tables, view, classes…   A namespace is a […]