New pre release

Checkout this page regularly for informations about upcoming Caché Monitor releases and brand new features. Most of the time a beta build for testing purposes will be available here. Feedback is always very welcome! Thanks!

The next big release has nativ support  for InterSystem IRIS!

Changes in detail:

V 2.93 (00.00.2019):

    - ENH  : Native Intersystems IRIS support added (specific features like GlobalViewer and many more, known from Caché)
    - ENH  : Show Stored Procedures for JDBC Connecions
    - ENH  : Some refactoring, like removing old starting\stopping action for local Caché services
    - ENH  : Server Navigator: Caché CPF Files are available at the management node
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : For Caché & IRIS the PID is in Statusbar
    - FIXED: SQL Editor      : holding the F5 key down (or press SHIFt+ENTER) starts the same statements multiple times, thats fixed now
    - FIXED: ClassBrowser    : many fixes
    - ENH  : Server Navigator: Caché & IRIS Connectino property "Show system objects and namespace" is now splitted in two
                               options: "Show system objects" and "Show system namespaces"
    - ENH  : Driver updated to H2 Database Engine 1.4.199
    - ENH  : Driver updated to Microsoft JDBC Driver 7.2 for SQL Server (Version:
    - ENH  : Driver updated to InterSystems IRIS JDBC (Version: 2018.2.0.999)
    - ENH  : Driver updated to MySQL 8.0.16
    - ENH  : Driver updated to SQLlite
    - ENH  : Removed driver for Caché version 2009.1, 2010.1, 2017.1 (2017.2 is still there! ;)
    - ENH  : Server Navigator: columns in tree show now detail information about datatypes, pks and nullable
    - ENH  : TableViewer     : More details about global storage per table on the storage tab
    - ENH  : TableViewer     : Some smaller ui improvments
    - ENH  : HiDPI font scaling factor reduced
    - FIXED: Bugfix function "Import Caché & IRIS Connections"
    - FIXED: Bugfix function "Bulk export wizard"
    - FIXED: general UI fixes: , e.g. Title handling in main frame