Caché Monitor beta releases

Checkout this page regularly for informations about upcoming Caché Monitor releases and brand new features. Most of the time a beta build for testing purposes will be available here. Feedback is always very welcome! Thanks!

Please download from here:
Download Cache Monitor 2.85 (Windows Setup)
Download Cache Monitor 2.85 (Windows)
Download Cache Monitor 2.85 (Generic)Changes in detail:

V 2.85 (22.07.2017):
 - ENH : Improved Server\Connection dialog
 - FIXED: Open Query Editor for a Csv Connection (Menu: "File" -> "Create CSV Text connection")
 - ENH : New config dialog for the "QueryCloud"
 - ENH : Improved QueryCloud data view and management
 - ENH : In QueryCloud loaded driver can viewed on the Connection dialog (Server Manager)
 - ENH : "View Metadata" only works with connected objects, a message about that behavior is displayed if not connected
 - FIXED: Server Navigator: Some databases doesn't list catalogs\schemas.
 For that type of connections Caché Monitor show "default" nodes in tree to allow to navigate.
 - ENH : DB Driver : Update CsvJdbc driver to version 1.0.31
 - ENH : Connection testing improved
 - FIXED: TableViewer : Set filter by context menu works now with columns that have to be quoted (IdentifierQuoteString)
 - FIXED: TableViewer : MaxRows is set to 1000 on first startup
 - ENH : Max memory set up to 2Gb for the windows exe