Caché Monitor beta releases

Checkout this page regularly for informations about upcoming Caché Monitor releases and brand new features. Most of the time a beta build for testing purposes will be available here. Feedback is always very welcome! Thanks!

Beta releases use a separated folder (<userhome>\.cm_beta) for local data, so a beta build can be used in parallel with an existing installation of Caché Monitor. Please use the function “File” -> “Import connection definition” and import already configured servers from previous Caché Monitor installations. To do that navigate to “<userhome>\.cm” and select the file called config.xml.


New Features

The upcoming release shows the table size:


Changes in detail:

V 2.81 Build: 27.07.2016:
    V 2.81:
    - ENH  : New search possibility in all grids with new searchbar
    - ENH  : Searching in sql history
    - ENH  : More details on the error dialog about db vendor code and state
    - FIXED: various         : GridHeader (row number) are not always in sync with the rows from content.
                               It shows while scrolling in bigger result like &gt; 100000 rows
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : New Combobox for selecting text scaling like 100%, 200% and so on
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : View the column's data type in the header tooltip of the result table
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : SQL statement is visiable on result tab via tooltip
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : "Open in Excel" copy Grid data direct into MS Excel without export to file\import to file (Windows only)
    - FIXED: SQL Editor      : connecting a disconnected sql editor update the titles now correctly
    - FIXED: some minor fixes like memory leaks
    - FIXED: SQL Editor      : "Session snapshots" opens in some situations a connectiosn to get namespace
                               metadata while the editor is still disconnected
    - FIXED: SQL Scanner     : In some situations SQL Scanner doesn't work
    - ENH  : TableViewer     : The table size can be calculate via Task -&gt; "Calculate size for all tables"
    - ENH  : TableViewer     : UI improvments to see more columns details with one click,
                               like infos about Primarykey-Columns, ForeignKey-Columns and
                               special Caché specific details about Caché internal Datatypenames, selectivity and more