Caché Monitor beta releases

Checkout this page regularly for informations about upcoming Caché Monitor releases and brand new features. Most of the time a beta build for testing purposes will be available here. Feedback is always very welcome! Thanks!

Beta releases use a separated folder (<userhome>\.cm_beta) for local data, so a beta build can be used in parallel with an existing installation of Caché Monitor. Please use the function “File” -> “Import connection definition” and import already configured servers from previous Caché Monitor installations. To do that navigate to “<userhome>\.cm” and select the file called config.xml.


New Features

The upcoming release shows the table size:


Changes in detail:

V 2.81 Build: 07.01.2017:
    V 2.81:
    - ENH  : New search possibility in all grids with new searchbar
    - ENH  : Searching in sql history
    - ENH  : More details on the error dialog about db vendor code and state
    - ENH  : Improved connection handling, while connecting a progress bar shows the background process.
    - FIXED: Grid            : GridHeader (row number) are not always in sync with the rows from content.
                               It shows while scrolling in bigger result like > 100000 rows
    - ENH  : Grid            : Create SQL for Grid results improved (copy as Insert, copy as update, e.g.)
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : New Combobox for selecting text scaling like 100%, 200% and so on
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : View the column's data type in the header tooltip of the result table
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : SQL statement is visiable on result tab via tooltip
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : "Open in Excel" copy Grid data direct into MS Excel without export to file\import to file
                                (Windows only)
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : A SQL statement can be saved direct to file via "Execute to file".
                               This feature works  with limited memory because it is designed to directly write
                               the rows from the database to the export file without buffering in memory.

    - FIXED: SQL Editor      : connecting a disconnected sql editor update the titles now correctly
    - FIXED: some minor fixes like memory leaks
    - FIXED: SQL Editor      : "Session snapshots" opens in some situations a connection to get namespace
                               metadata while the editor is still disconnected
    - FIXED: SQL Scanner     : In some situations SQL Scanner doesn't work
    - ENH  : TableViewer     : The table size can be calculate via Task -> "Calculate size for all tables"
    - ENH  : TableViewer     : UI improvments to see more columns details with one click,
                               like infos about Primarykey-Columns, ForeignKey-Columns and
                               special Caché specific details about Caché internal Datatypenames, selectivity and more
    - ENH  : Server Navigator: Selection concept changed to improve user experince and get more control at what time
                               information are fetched from server and detail data are shown.
                               Important: please consider that you have now select detail data via double clicking or
                               selection "open" via context menu.