Caché Monitor beta releases

Checkout this page regularly for informations about upcoming Caché Monitor releases and brand new features. Most of the time a beta build for testing purposes will be available here. Feedback is always very welcome! Thanks!

Changes in detail:

V 2.91 (01.01.2019):
    - ENH  : Internal library refactoring
    - ENH  : cache.cpf file handling improved
    - ENH  : Third party libraries updated (e.g. POI 4.0.1)
    - FIXED: Fixed first call on table add to querycloud
    - FIXED: MS SQL Server JDBC Driver: Login Dialog pay attention on integrated security (windows)
            - INFO : Querycloud - can't use integrated security with MS SQL Server
    - ENH  : Driver updated to SQL Server 6.0 (6.0.8112.200)
    - ENH  : Driver updated to MySQL 8.0.13
    - ENH  : Driver updated to PostgreSQL 42.2.5
    - ENH  : Driver updated to H2 1.4.197
    - ENH  : Driver updated to UCanAccess 4.0.4 (A pure Java JDBC driver for Microsoft Access database files)
    - ENH  : Driver updated to CsvJdbc - CSV file JDBC driver (csvjdbc-1.0-34)
    - ENH  : Driver updated to MS Excel - Simple, POI based JDBC driver for XLS/XLSX files (sqlsheet-6.7.jar)
    - FIXED: Working with local file based databases (like Access), the Login Dialog pay attention on this and doesn't show
    - ENH  : CsvJdbc: Connect to a ZIP File with *.csv File within.
    - ENH  : SQLlite JDBC Driver added
    - ENH  : New icons added to identify connection type (Caché, CSV, ...). Important: The symbol für the Caché Server are green cubes
    - ENH  : SQL Editor      : MouseWheel zoom optimized
    - ENH  : QueryCloud: CSV handling in QueryCloud improved -> Create VIEW or COPY to TABLE
             (DragDrop CSV Files to QueryCloud Node or select "Add CSV File to QueryCloud..." via context menu
    - ENH  : Favorite handling implemented