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Server Navigator

The Server Navigator is the main tool and allows to browse and organize InterSystems Caché servers into groups, It shows database objects and structures such as tables, views, classes, indexes, constraints, procedures, functions, etc. The Server Navigator simplifies the process of managing multiple InterSystems Caché Servers.


In Caché Monitors Server Navigator all Namespaces are listed for easy navigation. No need to know the name of the Namespace, no need to configure a multitude of JDBC connections. If the first connection to a Caché Server is requested, Caché Monitor downloads the InterSystems Caché database driver automatically from the Web. No manual intervention is required. (Video)

Import Caché Server connections: With this feature it is very straightforward to create a Server registration from a local Caché installation. All data that Caché Monitor requires for working with Caché are automatically imported; including Port, the right driver version… just entering the password.(Video)

Row of servers



For each Caché Namespace you can navigate to database objects of types:


  • Tables
  • Views
  • Stored Procedures
  • Indexes
  • Routines (not for all Caché versions available)
  • Classes
  • Cached Queries
  • Globals

On each type many functions are available, like data editing in grid, quick data filtering, export\import large results direct to\from file


  • Databases
  • Log File Viewer
  • Processlist Viewer to terminate process, show process details (vars, routine), show routine source code
  • Locktable Viewer
  • Tasks


  • SQL Profiling
  • Cached Queries on Caché Server
  • SQL Scanner (SQL Tuning)
    Analyze performance by identifying slowly executing queries, Find unindexed foreign keysScan cached queries, DROP INDEX on selected index (redundant index finder), CREATE INDEX on selected querie (Cached Queries Scanner)