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  • Bitmap Index

    Bitmap indexes consist of a bitmap (bit vector) for each distinct column value. Each bitmap has one bit for every row in the table. The bit is on if the […]

  • Support Forum / FAQ

    The support forum is offline at this time. But the frequently asked question from forum are here.      

  • FAQ about using Cache Monitor with InterSystems Cache

    This is a list of users’ most frequently asked questions. By answering them i hope to clarify any doubts they may have regarding Cache Monitor for InterSystems Cache.   001 […]

  • How to Videos of Caché Monitor

    How to: register server How to: using the editor How to: register server from local known Caché servers How to: working with script manager

  • Requirements running Caché Monitor

    Java 7.0 (Supported Operating Systems are all with a JRE 7.0) ~ 5.0 MB disk space for Caché Monitor~ for each Caché Driverriver A minimum of 64 MB RA. min. […]

  • First steps with Caché Monitor

    Caché Monitor is running! What next? This doc describes first steps with Caché Monitor. Execute addhoc queries Register your Server After Caché Monitor starts, you must register one ore more […]

  • Caché Monitor installation instructions

    Caché Monitor requires Java 7 to be installed. You can download the latest Java Runtime Environment from Oracle’s Java site. The latest Version of Caché Monitor can be downloaded from here Caché Monitor does not […]